Hey, I'm


  • I am a master student.
  • I love challenges of all kinds.
  • I major in Computer Science at USC.
  • I enjoy tackling problems fast yet elegantly.
  • I am a professional developer & problem solver.
  • I am passionate about deepening technology stack.
  • I have picky taste in code quality and cleanness.
  • I keep putting my effort into exciting possibilities.
  • I contribute efficient, maintainable, and high standard work.

About my tech base

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Recent projects

NodeJS, WebSocket, Qt


Event-driven WebSocket library.

Supporting Node.js server to perform socket communication with QT program as client, which is not well supported by many libraries including Socket.io.

Node.js, Pug, Java, Hadoop, AWS

Cloud-Based News Search Engine

News Search Engine based in cloud technology.

Implemented web crawler and MapReduce to generate search result. Rendered user interface by NodeJS back-end rendering, with Pug as view engine.

WebGL, Three.js, JQuery

Robot Virtualization Platform

Robotic arm motion virtualization application.

Supporting interpolation animation. Improved interpolation algorithm in Tween.js to balance precision and rendering efficiency (90%+ precision & 30+ FPS).

AngularJS, NodeJS, Bootstrap, RESTful

Stock Quotes Web Application

Single-page stock quotes application based on AngularJS MVC and NodeJS.

Exhibited dynamic results with exportable interactive charts. Developed Node.js Express application running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk providing RESTful service through Alpha Vantage API.

Android, Java

Alpha Vantage App

Android application providing real-time market data.

Populated real-time contents derived from RESTful APIs using Volley. Reused web components via JavaScript Interface.